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World AIDS Day Statement on an Equitable Biden/Harris Federal HIV Transition

Work with Communities to Build Success and Achieve 2025 Ending the HIV Epidemic Goals.


The ACT NOW: END AIDS (ANEA) Coalition has reached out to the Biden-Harris Transition Team to meet with us on several concerns related to the federal Ending the HIV Epidemic: A Plan for America initiative (EHE). ANEA lays out clear ways to actualize

community leadership in our community-driven policy paper: Ending the HIV Epidemic (EtE) in the United States: A Roadmap for Federal Action published in 2018 and updated in 2020. Among our recommendations is the need to ensure transparency with the HIV community and equity when allocating human, material, and/or financial resources to federal HIV programs and offices.

Our members and the broader HIV community in the U.S. are eager to learn more about President-Elect Joseph Biden Jr.’s plans to fulfill his promise to end the HIV epidemic by 2025. While we do not doubt the President-elect’s stated intent to dramatically reduce new infections in the next five years, we have concerns around the absence of a clear plan to do so and would welcome transparency around any presidential appointees that will directly interact with the HIV community. On public health-related issues, good intentions are never enough. ANEA has the willingness to co-lead, tailor, and help customize the EHE plan for the upcoming administration as many jurisdictions currently named in the federal initiative are shifting from the planning to implementation phases of EHE.

For World AIDS Day 2020, we are asking senior policy officials with the President-Elect’s transition team to meet with us to advance our common goal to end AIDS in our nation and address the glaring health disparities facing Black, Latinx/Hispanic, Indigenous, and LGBTQ+ individuals in the United States. We hope to report to our national membership at our next coalition meeting on December 7 where we are on this important and national priority for ANEA.

Only together, can we make a difference.

About ANEA: ANEA is a national coalition of community-based organizations, health departments, and national organizations committed to ending AIDS as an epidemic in the United States.

Disclaimer: The content of this statement may not express the views of all members of the ANEA or our government partners.

12_01_2020 ANEA WAD Statement to Biden-Harris Transition Team
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